1.31 Million BTC Held by Bitcoin Shrimps as Holdings Surge


The Quantity Bitcoin Hold by “shrimps” – those wallet entities that currently hold less than 1 BTC) has reached a new all-time high.

According to data shared by Glassnode, “shrimps” total holdings now stand at 1,31 Million BTC. Over the past few months, the holdings of the cohort have steadily increased.

Shrimps have increased by 26,000 or even more Bitcoin Every month, Since July 202 (3,9%) trading days in 2020 will have a higher monthly growth. This suggests that retail investors were aggressive in their BTC accumulation, and the dips during the bear markets provided investors with a chance to buy Bitcoin Low prices.

Below is a graph showing the growth of BTC in wallets that have less than 1 Bitcoin. As you can see the amount that these entities hold has grown significantly. June/July 2022 is a repeat. November/December and January 2023.

Small holders are good for the long term health of Bitcoin’s network as the metric suggests retail investors are confident in the cryptocurrency’s growth and long term potential.

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