10 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now for the Next Crypto Bull Run


Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Booming in the Marketplace

Cryptocurrency has become a booming market in recent years and investors are constantly looking for potential profitable opportunities. However, with its volatility, it is difficult to predict which cryptocurrencies will perform well in the future. We have compiled the 10 cryptocurrencies that have seen a steady rise over the past 60 days and investors should consider before the next crypto bull run.

  1. XRP – Market capitalization has made XRP one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies and the news that Ripple is investing in Metaverse is a positive sign.
  2. Toncoin – TON Foundation is working on new projects such as a decentralized exchange, betting platform and gaming platform. This could potentially increase the growth of the TON environment and the value of Toncoin.
  3. Chainlink – Many major companies such as Aave, Synthetix, The Graph and more have adopted Chainlink. These developments are encouraging for the industry and will draw interest in LINK tokens.
  4. Stellar – Stellar has been adopted by various banks and financial institutions such as IBM, Stripe and Western Union. This could boost interest in XLM stock.
  5. Hedera – Companies such as Google, IBM and Boeing have embraced Hedera. This is a positive development for the industry and supports HBAR.
  6. Optimism – Optimism has a Layer 2 scaling approach to improve the throughput and scalability of Ethereum. It uses optimistic rollups and is fraud-proof. This could potentially increase the demand for OP tokens.
  7. XDC Network – XDC Network has been updated with the launch of XDC 2.0 mainnet. Improvements include increased throughput, scalability and security. This could increase the popularity of the XDC network to developers and users, consequently increasing the demand for XDC tokens.
  8. Synthetix – Synthetix protocol has been updated with Synthetix v3 which brings improvements in scalability, security and efficiency. This could attract traders and investors to Synthetix, thus increasing the demand for SNX tokens.
  9. THORchain – THORchain has released a value mining application. Since tokens are required to pay for gas and participate in coin mining operations, this could increase its demand.
  10. DYDX – DYDX is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that offers features such as liberalized trading and liquidity which are unavailable in centralized banks. This could draw traders and investors to DYDX, leading to greater demand for DYDX tokens.

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