14.5K BTC Reshuffled by Bitcoin Whales as Price Drops Below $42K – What’s in Store for 2024?


Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency created in 2009, has once again gained attention from crypto market enthusiasts globally as a massive 14.5K BTC transfer was observed between unknown wallets and Coinbase, a San Francisco-based CEX. This whale activity surrounding Bitcoin has prompted a significant reaction in the crypto market on Saturday as the price of the token experienced a drop. A well-known crypto analyst has also shared his views on Bitcoin’s current market dynamics, indicating a bullish trend for the token.

In-Depth Report of the Bitcoin Whale Transfers

As per data from the blockchain tracking platform Whale Alert, 14.5K BTC was transferred to and from Coinbase. 8,936 BTC was sent from unknown wallets to Coinbase, while 5,564 BTC was transferred from Coinbase to unknown wallets. These transfers to Coinbase were made through four transactions. The first transaction sent 3,144 BTC from the address 1J2rZGuvnb…kHHUyMA3r6, the second sent 3,143 BTC from the address 1EmtKQksts…9WLmnbNz5y, the third sent 500 BTC from two wallets, and the fourth sent 2,149 BTC from the address 1PWQwQpPkA…SMAgdaEPzW.

The 5,564 BTC that was transferred from Coinbase to unknown wallets also happened in four transactions. The first transaction was 1,335 BTC to the address 1EyuZyu87o…PmJX5XECRb, the second was 1,404 BTC to the address 19j41wwCHt…KPNyxqmTxN, the third was 1,415 BTC to the same address, and the fourth was 1,410 BTC also to the same address.

Bitcoin Price Dips

At press time, the Bitcoin price chart has shown a 2.05% decline over the past 24 hours, bringing the price to $41,652.53. Additionally, the token has experienced a 4.55% drop in a week. Despite this, Muro Crypto, a prominent crypto analyst, has expressed his bullish views on Bitcoin’s current close, saying that the community couldn’t have asked for a more bullish H4 close. He has also expressed his confidence in the token, indicating optimism for its future.

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