Unlock benefits of trading with Apex Pro


Apex Pro offers permissionless multi-chain cryptocurrency trading, providing users with a high-yield precision trading platform in the decentralized derivatives marketplace.

Using the Apex Pro Referral code – 169 – users can access exclusive sign-up bonuses, as well as discounts on all trading charges. All they need to do is click the link to automatically claim their bonus.

How ApeX Pro Works

Transactions are secured and verified using cryptographic proofs running on ApeX’s StarkEx engine. These are then further processed by Validium, ApeX’s state-of the-art tool, allowing for fast verification speeds and scalability without compromising security.

This secure environment allows users to quickly trade perpetual futures.

What is ApeX Pro?

ApeX Pro is a DEX product built on the ApeX Protocol, the first permissionless platform to use an order book trading method. For ApeX Pro, this method allows users to trade cryptocurrency derivatives, specifically perpetual options. The platform’s order book concept also allows them to trade perpetual futures, as well as enjoy other benefits such as no gas cost, high leverage, and lower slippage.

ApeX is a completely private platform, allowing users to access it without having to conform to Know Your Customer (KYC) standards. It is also secured by StarkEx, an encrypted business network, as well as StarkWare’s two scaling engines. This means that users can securely confirm the legitimacy of their transactions without having to worry about the security of other “Wild West” DeFi protocols.

Furthermore, ApeX Pro is accessible even to those with little experience trading crypto, as the order book system is easy to set up.

Advantages of ApeX Pro

ApeX Pro’s StarkEx technology provides a secure and highly scalable architecture that is easy to scale. Perpetual traders, experienced or not, will find the platform’s features highly appealing.

Order Book Format

ApeX Pro uses the order book approach to trading, as opposed to the automated market makers (AMM) which have grown popular in the cryptocurrency industry. AMMs can be confusing to those without a solid understanding of cryptocurrency trading, and may be linked to serious drawbacks such as high slippage and the possibility of impermanence lost. The order book model is an established method for traders, and is well-known to traditional financial traders.

Cross Margin Trading

ApeX Pro also allows users to move margins between accounts in order to meet the minimum margin requirements. This is helpful for those who have excess margin, as it can help them to escape liquidation.

Lower Costs, Higher Leverage

At ApeX Pro, traders have up to 20x leverage, and can benefit from fast settlement transactions without paying any gas fees. With the average maker charge at 0.02% and taker costs at 0.05%, the actual merchant fees are among the lowest within the industry.

ApeX Pro also offers rewards to regular users, in the form of cryptocurrency prizes. Their members are rewarded when they engage in trading and other activities through the Trade-to-Earn program. Payments are made in BANA tokens and settled each week, without long lockup periods like other DEX platforms.


By using the Apex Pro Referral code – 169 – users can unlock the benefits of trading on the ApeX Pro platform. With its high leverage, low costs, and secure environment, traders can make the most of their cryptocurrency investments.

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