“17 Projects Set to Release $1.38 Billion in Crypto Funds Next Month – TradingView Report”


Key Points:
– In April 2024, 17 projects are expected to unlock tokens worth over $10 million each.
– Aptos will have the highest unlock value of $409.89 million on April 12, 2024.
– DYDX will release 11.35% of its total supply on April 1, 2024.

According to TokenUnlocks, a digital assets aggregation platform, April will see a total of 17 cryptocurrencies with individual token unlock values greater than $10 million. These large-value unlocks will amount to a total of $1.38 billion.

The token unlock schedule, as shown on TokenUnlocks’ website, reveals that the unlocks will take place throughout the month of April, with multiple unlocks happening on some days.

Prominent crypto journalist Colin Wu shared a table showcasing the 17 tokens scheduled for large-value unlocks in April. These include DYDX, ZETA, SUI, GAL, APT, CYBER, and STRK, with their unlock dates falling in the first half of April. The second half of April will see unlocks from ARB, APE, AXS, IMX, PIXEL, ID, YGG, AGIX, OP, and PRIME.

Of these tokens, APT will have the highest token unlock value. On April 12, 2024, the Aptos blockchain project will unlock 24.84 million APT tokens worth $409.89 million, which is equivalent to 6.25% of the total APT supply.

In terms of supply ratio, DYDX will lead the pack. On April 1, it will unlock 33.33 million tokens worth $113.33 million, representing 11.35% of its total supply.

Other tokens that will start their unlock programs in April include ZETA, the utility token for ZetaChain, and PRIME, the official digital currency for Prime Worldwide, which will conclude the large-value unlocks on April 30. On this date, PRIME will unlock 1.66 million tokens worth $36.23 million, which is 4.44% of its total supply.

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