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Results from a recently-commissioned survey from Coinbase indicate that around 20% of US adults currently possess cryptocurrencies. Moreover, 29% of Americans plan to purchase or trade crypto within the next 12 months. “The overwhelming majority of individuals want to see the financial system modernized and believe that crypto can be a powerful part of the solution,” Coinbase reported.

Coinbase-Sponsored Crypto Survey

Morning Consult conducted a nationwide survey of 2,202 people from the general population between February 10-14. “Data was weighted to be representative of US adults based on age, race/ethnicity, gender, educational level, and region,” the market research firm declared. “The purpose of this study was to examine perceptions of the global financial system and how American adults and cryptocurrency investors view the future of the crypto market and exchanges.”

Citing the results of the survey, NasdaqTrade noted:

The vast majority of individuals feel the need to keep the financial system up-to-date and to consider that cryptocurrencies can be an effective part of the solution.

Noting that “80% of individuals believe the global financial system unfairly favors powerful interests” and that “67% of individuals agree the financial system needs major changes or a complete overhaul,” the examiner wrote Coinbase:

The survey found that 82% of respondents think the existing financial systems are unfair. An overwhelming majority also felt frustrated with the current system and wanted to see it change.

The survey also shows that “most of Americans remain positive about the future of crypto and understand their potential to be part of the solution to bring about significant change in the financial system that could benefit society as a whole.”

Morning Consult specified: “20% of Americans currently own some type of crypto, and 29% are likely to buy or trade crypto in the next year. This translates to an estimate of roughly 52.3 million American adults holding cryptocurrency, and 75.5 million adults are expected to trade crypto at least once in the next year.” According to the Coinbase website, the platform has over 110 million verified users.

Coinbase continued:

Despite the tumultuous events of 2022, crypto ownership has remained relatively unchanged from the start of 2022. This is the highest level of crypto ownership in America.

Furthermore, “76% of crypto holders agree that crypto and blockchain are the future. These numbers are even higher among people of color and younger Americans,” Coinbase added.

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