230,000+ Tickets for Numi Stories Game Claimed on Valicit Platform


Venom’s blockchain-based ticketing company Valicit has seen exceptional demand for a major metaverse event. More than 230,000 tickets have been redeemed on Venom testnet for the Numi Stories game on Numi metaverse. This success demonstrates the potential for Web3 to create digital experiences and the interest in metaverse gaming.

Numi Stories, a mobile app featuring kitsch anime-style characters, selected Valicit for ticketing because of the security associated with blockchain technology, like verifiable record of sales and fraud prevention. Victor Tumasov, Numi’s CEO, expressed his excitement for the event: “For us the ability to sell tickets to events in our metaverse is a very interesting possibility that gives us a lot of potential cool use cases. For the first event we have chosen our PvP mode where Venom users will be able to test their mettle against each other in an amazing dance off in our mobile game.”

Venom has been designed to make the protocol attractive to enterprises, NGOs, and governments. Even during the testnet phase, Venom is already proving to be an ideal platform for Web3 projects that want to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain while adhering to financial industry compliance standards. The success of Valicit ticketing for the Numi Stories game is further evidence of Venom’s potential to become a major player in the Web3 industry.

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