$29M of BTC Transferred from Bitcoin Address After 13-Year Hiatus


A dormant Bitcoin address with 1,005 BTC, which had not been touched for nearly 13 years, has been activated again, shifting more than $29 million. According to Whale Alert, the blockchain tracker and analytics system, the wallet is speculated to be from a miner who mined a lot in 2010.

At the current market value, the wallet holds about $29,750,772. Whale Alert posted the following on Twitter: “A dormant address containing 1,005 BTC (29,750,772 USD) has just been activated after 12.8 years!”

An analyst who commented on the Bitcoin whale’s actions said that the address appears to be of an early miner. Mempool analysis shows that the individual had actively mined the flagship cryptocurrency in 2010.

Despite bullish attempts, Bitcoin’s price has been struggling to climb up towards the $30,000 level and remains largely flat above $29k. If the pressure persists, bears may target the buffer area in the $28,000-$28,500 range. Moreover, any slight hammering could welcome the all-important $25k zone.

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