2B Idle SWEAT Tokens at Stake in Sweat Economy Governance Vote


Sweat Economy, a move-to-earn project, has launched a new governance vote in the Sweat Wallet application to decide the fate of 2 billion idle SWEAT tokens in inactive user accounts. These tokens constitute approximately 13% of the SWEAT token total supply.

For the proposal to be accepted or denied, 75,000 votes must be cast. The voting process, which begins today, will run for seven days, while there is a possibility of it being extended.

The idle tokens were locked up in a 24-month contract in inactive user accounts. They were left unclaimed after the Token Generation Event (TGE) that took place last September, as many Sweat Economy users did not activate their Sweat Wallet application to claim them.

The vote will give SWEAT token holders an opportunity to decide whether to have the 2 billion idle SWEAT tokens recovered and transferred back to the Sweat Treasury for potential future distribution or other uses, or to leave them in the inactive user accounts.

Sweat Economy believes it could see higher engagement in this voting process as 153,783 participants took part in the most recent voting process.

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