3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In as Market Regains Momentum


November has seen a bullish trend in the crypto market, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum experiencing double-digit growth and hitting multi-month highs. This anticipation of the approval of Bitcoin ETFs by major asset managers has led to a surge of interest in select altcoins that have the potential to accelerate the rise in December 2023.

One of the top performers in the past two weeks is Terra Classic Coin (LUNC), which jumped from a low of $0.00028 to a recent price of $0.00028. This 308% gain was followed by a 38.2% correction to reach the current price of $0.000222. If the current Fibonacci support holds, the coin is expected to rebound and reach a high of $0.0003073.

Stacks (STX) has also experienced a surge in price, increasing from a low of $0.58 to a current price of $1.16, a gain of 102%. This break-out from the downward-sloping resistance of the long-term symmetrical triangular pattern indicates that buyers are accelerating their momentum. If the coin price sustains above the breached levels, it could rise by 37.85% to reach the target price of $1.56.

Finally, Conflux (CFX) has also seen an increase in price due to the current market recovery sentiment. The development of an inverted Head and Shoulder pattern in the daily chart indicates a bullish reversal. Prices are currently trading at $0.21, and if the uptrend continues, they could reach a target price of $0.28, overcoming several high swing resistances.

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