3 Supercharged Stocks That Could Outperform Any Cryptocurrency


The Cryptocurrency market has been proving to be rather volatile in the past year, and this has caused many investors to move away from it. It is crucial to comprehend the type of investment you are making and ensure that it is suited for your portfolio. 

Still, you do not have to invest in digital currencies to craft an investment strategy which can generate substantial long-term returns. Here are a few remarkable growth stocks to take into account before the end of the month. 

1. Airbnb

Airbnb (ABNB -1.28%) The recovery of travel has been helping the company, but its recent financial reports also demonstrate an impressive growth story that surpasses the average travel stock. 

Even if consumer spending is diminishing in certain discretionary goods, people are still spending money on trips. With this platform, both business and vacation travelers can benefit from the post-pandemic tourism recovery and other long-term trends. 

On the other hand, a tough economy can trigger worries about income security and people are increasingly looking into Airbnb hosting as a means of earning extra money. The company ended 2022 with a record of 6.6 million active listings, a 16% increase from a year ago. Customers booked 394 million nights and experiences and earned $63 billion gross booking value on the platform in 2022, a 31% and 35% rise from 2021 respectively. In 2019, bookings increased by 20% and gross booking values rose 67% compared to the pre-pandemic level.  

A full-blown recession may reduce the demand for Airbnb in the short-term, but they can weather any economic storm by laying the groundwork and reaping the rewards. The company benefits from both long-term and short-term travelers (21% of all bookings were stays of 28 days or more as of the end of 2022), so even if spending decreases in one area, the various drivers of the company’s growth can make up for it. 

In the long run, Airbnb is poised to keep transforming travel, and that is a thrilling growth story that you should not ignore, regardless of the bear market.  

2. Shopify 

Shopify (SHOP -3.58%) The platform is being built to serve as a one-stop shop for merchants looking to start and grow a brand. Right now, the company has made considerable investments in its supply chain infrastructure, products, and services for merchants. Subscription and merchant solution revenue are both increasing steadily. 

Merchants pay fees for using the platform, which generates subscription revenue for Shopify, while merchant solutions revenue is from digital and physical goods, such as transaction fees and hardware for its point of-sale system. Total revenue grew 21% to $5.6 billion in 2022, with merchant solutions revenue rising 26% to $4.1 billion from a year ago, and subscription revenue going up 11% to $1.5 billion from 2021. The integration of Deliverr into Shopify’s order fulfillment network, although still in its early stages, has already started to show results. Management reported that merchant orders rose 40% in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to previous years.  

The platform recently increased the price of subscriptions that merchants can use, representing the first significant price rise in over a decade. This could boost revenues and profits in the long run. More importantly, Shopify invests in tools to attract and keep merchants. This will lead to more sales and earnings. 

At the moment, the company is focused on growth rather than profits. It is a risk, but necessary to stay competitive. Shopify is consistently upgrading its services for merchants, they have more tools to assist them to launch and scale successful businesses that draw in more customers, and this will keep them loyal. Shopify will get through this journey. 

If you are willing to accept risk and benefit from this growth story, then the stock’s current discounted price may be too attractive to pass up. 

3. Vertex Pharmaceuticals 

Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX 0.12%) The leader in a rapidly growing healthcare niche. The company’s current lineup of drugs targets the rare genetic disorder cystic fibrosis. They are the only medications approved to treat the underlying cause. 

On top of having this first-mover advantage, Vertex believes there could be up to 20,000 people who would still benefit from its current drug portfolio but are not currently using them. Cystic Fibrosis sufferers number around 5,000, and they are unable to take the company’s current medicines due to their underlying mutation. The firm is currently working on a potential therapy for them as well as other promising treatments.  

The pipeline also includes a potential blockbuster drug. Exa-cel, its candidate to treat rare blood conditions, is being developed in partnership with CRISPR Therapeutics. Vertex receives 60% of the profits in return for a 60% payment. 

The firm is currently going through regulatory submissions to exa-cel in the US, and has completed them in the UK and Europe. If approved, exa-cel would be the first CRISPR therapy authorized for a genetic ailment, as well as the first potential one-time functional cure for both sickle cell disease and transfusion-dependent beta thalassemia. Vertex is also working on therapies for other untargeted diseases like Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (a genetic condition that can lead to liver and lung issues) Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and it has candidates for acute pain and Type 1 diabetes in progress. 

The business has already made a lot of money and earned a lot from its cystic-fibrosis drugs portfolio. In 2022, profits exceeded $3 billion. Nevertheless, they have not slowed down. Investors looking for a high-growth stock in healthcare with a solid financial track record and a lot of long-term potential to expand the business should consider Vertex Pharmaceuticals. It looks like a strong alternative.  

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