3 Tech Stocks to Consider Over Cryptocurrencies


In 2022: Many crypto investors have been left disappointed and are now reconsidering their potential in the digital currency market. Although While certain areas of the market may recover in time, investing in cryptocurrency may not be the best option for everyone.

If You’re looking to broaden your portfolio but are wary of the cryptocurrency market, why not consider strong companies with high growth potential? Fortunately, there are many such firms available at discounted prices at the moment.

Here These are three tech stocks that you should consider for your portfolio this year.

1. Amazon

Amazon (AMZN -3.35%) It has gone through plenty of market fluctuations and has come out on top every time. Unlike Whereas some other established companies may have reached their peak, Amazon It continues to prove to investors that it can make an impact in multiple industries. It holds a 40% share of the US ecommerce market, worth $904 billion. Similarly, its share of streaming services has risen to 19% in a short time, with a value of $474 billion. In addition, it has a 34% share of the worldwide cloud computing market, valued at $217 billion.

Over In the last five years, the tech giant has seen its revenue, profits and cash flow from operations increase by 164%, 1,000% and 1,000% respectively. Although True, Amazon It has experienced slower growth in recent quarters. Nevertheless, its top line has still risen steadily and it remains profitable, with $35 billion in cash in its balance sheet. With With its strong core business, strong financials and presence in markets with much potential, Amazon It is in a good position for future growth.

At Long-term investors can purchase shares at a very low price.


Microsoft (MSFT) -1.73%) It was founded on office productivity software and has since become a major player in the tech industry. It currently holds 50% of the market in China, and it has a wide range of products and services. Its software is used on PCs, laptops, computers and gaming devices all over the world.

Microsoft It is the second largest cloud computing company in the world, with a 21% share of the market. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of 1.6% from 2022 to 2030 and reach a value of $1.6 trillion by then. The company has rewarded its long-term investors with nearly 1,000% returns in the last decade and its dividend has increased by 200% in the same period.

Even though Consumers and businesses are cutting back on spending due to the current economic climate, Microsoft It has experienced steady growth. In the most recent quarter, revenue rose by 11% year-on-year to $50 billion, with the largest contribution coming from its cloud solutions, which grew by 24%. Despite this, earnings decreased because of weak foreign currencies, but the company still earned net income of $18 million in the three months.

Microsoft’s Its diverse range of businesses can generate long-term profits for shareholders and the company despite any headwinds in the markets.

3. Alphabet

Alphabet (GOOGL) -2.02%) (GOOG) -1.88%) This tech giant is best known as the parent company of the world’s most used search engine, Google. Market fluctuations and investors turning away from growth-oriented stocks are common, but this is a stock that tech investors can trust. It holds more than 90% of the global search engine market, and advertising is its main source of revenue.

In the third quarter of 2022, Alphabet earned $55 billion from advertising, which makes up 30% of all digital ad spending. Google Cloud is the company’s second major source of revenue, and Alphabet holds the third largest market share in cloud computing. In the third quarter, Google Cloud and other services together generated $61 billion in revenue from a total of $69 billion.

In recent quarters, its growth rate has slowed. However, in the most recent quarter, revenue increased by 6% year-on-year while net income was $14 billion. The quarter ended with a record $116 billion in cash and investments. Despite the difficult macroeconomic environment, Alphabet is in a strong position in its key markets and has its financial resources to back it up.

At this point, investors may be able to snag these shares at a discounted

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