45 Million LINK Open to Staking with Launch of Chainlink v0.2


Chainlink has recently launched its Staking v0.2, a 45 million LINK pool. Existing stakers of v0.1 are eligible to migrate their LINK and rewards to the new pool from November 28. The staking limits are set to 1 LINK for community and 1000 LINK for node operators.

Staking plays a key role in Chainlink’s economic structure and security. Network participants, such as node operators, lock up their LINK to help secure the oracle services and in return, they get rewarded. 40,875,000 LINK of the total pool size is allocated to the community, while 4,125,000 LINK is open to the node operators servicing the Chainlink Data Feeds.

In a recent Twitter post, Chainlink announced that Staking v0.2 was live on the Ethereum mainnet. The post also mentioned that existing v0.1 stakers have a nine-day window to migrate their staked LINK and accrued rewards to the 45M LINK v0.2 pool, with guaranteed access before Early Access begins. The Early Access is scheduled to start from December 7, subject to certain eligibility requirements, while general access will start from December 11.

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