48-Hour Print Party: CryptoPunk Owners Invited to Buy Physical NFTs from Yuga Labs


Sunday brunch may not be the first place you’d expect to find Web3 evangelists, but that’s exactly what happened in Charleston, South Carolina on October 1. The event was organized by Beeple and Yuga Labs and only those with a CryptoPunk were allowed to attend. Following this gathering and Beeple’s purchase of the Joker-esque CryptoPunk #4593, speculation began to spread across the web.

Yuga Labs soon announced that they would release physical edition prints of CryptoPunks. This bold move for one of the pioneers of digital generative art has been made possible through a partnership with Avant Arte. On October 26, a 48-hour window will open up for holders to obtain a physical version of their digital avatar for $640 or a full party of punks on a single 60-by-60 sheet for $500. As the general manager of CryptoPunks, Natalie Stone, stated: “Punks pre-date the concept of an NFT and speculative framing. They were infamously free to claim with the intention to be available and accessible to all.”

The decision by Yuga Labs follows a trend of NFT projects releasing physical editions. Jack Butcher, Damien Hirst and Dmitri Cherniak are just some of the artists to have done so, with Avant Arte as their partner. This move

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