6.5M Chancer Tokens Fly Off Shelves After Launch of Highly-Anticipated Presale


Chancer, one of the most intriguing new Web3 projects of 2023, officially launched its crypto presale today. It seeks to disrupt the betting industry by removing the “house” from the equation and firmly placing the markets in the hands of the bettors.

The CHANCER token is currently going for 0.01 BUSD stablecoin and token holders will have the opportunity of creating customized betting markets on the Chancer platform.

What makes Chancer unique is that it allows bets to be placed on any prediction or event, not just sports. It also enables users to create their own betting markets, set their own odds, and establish their own rules. Additionally, it has a proof of stake consensus mechanism, so no one party can take control of the network.

Google’s WebRTC’s real-time communication capabilities will be used to broadcast events live to the Chancer community. It also offers a Share2Earn program, staking, and discounted fees for those who create and participate in the market, making the platform affordable for frequent users.

Moreover, the source code for Chancer will always be available for inspection, allowing anyone to examine, contribute, and suggest modifications to the platform’s operation.

CEO Adam Kelbie said: “We’re confident that we can change the way betting and gambling works. The next few months are going to be very exciting, and we’re thrilled that we can offer a new cryptocurrency in such a competitive market. We’re doing something no one else has done, disrupting an industry that has had the odds stacked against consumers since it began. It won’t be easy, but we’re ready for the fight.”

The Chancer token presale is underway and at press time, 6,541,850 tokens had been sold out raising $65,418.49 just a few hours after the presale went live.

Chancer seeks to capitalize on the sizable online betting and gambling market, estimated to be worth $64 billion by 2022, and establish a dominant position there.

The project has a well-planned roadmap outlining a variety of product use cases to pique the interest of various types of investors. With its innovative approach, Chancer is hoping to restore the fun to gambling and fundamentally alter the way people bet.

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