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In less than two hours, Bitcoin Dogs will make history as the world’s first ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain. The highly anticipated $0DOG token presale will begin at 11:00 AM GMT on the BitcoinDogs.club website, with prices starting at $0.015. The presale will run for 30 days, with prices increasing every 72 hours and ending at $0.0404 per token on March 15th.

This groundbreaking ICO marks the beginning of a new era for the Bitcoin ecosystem and will be the only opportunity to purchase $0DOG before it becomes available for trading.

The presale will take place exclusively on the BitcoinDogs.club website.

A New Era Of GameFi

$0DOG is a BRC-20 token, a brand-new type of cryptocurrency built on Bitcoin. The Ordinals protocol, launched in 2023, allows for the creation of coins like $0DOG that are secured on the BTC blockchain. Ordinals also brings NFTs to Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Dogs is taking advantage of this breakthrough by incorporating a collection of 10,000 exclusive NFTs, the largest collection on Ordinals to date.

These NFTs, along with the $0DOG token, will be the main components of the upcoming Bitcoin Dogs game. The game, set to begin its beta in Q2, combines Tamagotchi-style gameplay with play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics, bringing a beloved gaming experience into the GameFi era.

Social media integration is a core element of gameplay, with players having the opportunity to earn in-game currency by sharing their progress on social channels. Additionally, Twitter and Discord will host Dog Showdown events where players can compete with their virtual pets.

The Journey Ahead for Bitcoin Dogs

The $0DOG ICO is only the beginning for Bitcoin Dogs, with a bright future ahead. Similar BRC-20 tokens have gained attention in the past year with impressive price action. For example, $ORDI saw a rally of 3,000% between September 2023 and January 2024. Other BRC-20 coins, such as Orange, have also recorded significant price increases.

Bitcoin Dogs’ close ties to the Ordinals NFT market also put it in a strong position. In 2023, Bitcoin-based NFTs outperformed the rest of the NFT market, leading experts to predict continued success as the NFT market makes a comeback.

The growth of Bitcoin itself is also expected to contribute to $0DOG’s success. The OG cryptocurrency has had a positive start to the year, with the SEC approving Bitcoin ETFs in the United States and the next halving event scheduled for April. According to a CoinTelegraph study, 84% of investors expect this event to push BTC to new all-time highs.

The $0DOG token presale will begin at 11:00 AM GMT and prices will increase every 72 hours throughout the 30-day presale, ending at $0.0404 per token on March 15th.

The BitcoinDogs.club website is the only place to purchase $0DOG tokens.

About Bitcoin Dogs

Bitcoin Dogs is breaking new ground in the Bitcoin ecosystem, bringing together NFTs, gaming, and new token types to offer the first ICO on the original Bitcoin blockchain. The $0DOG token harnesses the true permissionless immutability of Bitcoin, while a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience and NFT collection are being developed exclusively for $0DOG holders.


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