7 Coins to Watch in 2023: What’s the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In?


Despite the scandals that caused a stir in the global cryptocurrency market in 2022, the sector managed to come out stronger. In the first quarter of 2023, the sector had a market capitalization of $1.2 trillion – a 48% increase from the previous year. Several new projects, rallying prices and rising market momentum have been the main drivers of growth in the cryptocurrency market.

If you’re planning to join the crypto world and are looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy, you’ll have plenty of options. One of the hottest cryptocurrencies right now is InQubeta – an Ethereum-based platform that offers startups a decentralized platform for fundraising. It’s beneficial to both startups and investors, plus it helps to grow the startup ecosystem.

To help you find the most profitable projects, here are six crypto projects that have the potential to explode in 2023.

1. InQubeta: Making Funding Opportunities Accessible

InQubeta is a decentralized platform that solves a structural challenge of the startup industry and makes investment opportunities available to all. It brings startups and potential investors together on a platform where they can interact and transact transparently. As a reward, the investor gets access to new investment opportunities that may not have been easy to spot otherwise.

InQubeta also has its own native token, the QUBE token. It’s released for sale through a nine-stage presale process and is gaining a lot of attention. Analysts have listed it among the best new icos launched in 2023. The token’s price is designed to increase at each stage of the presale. It’s currently in Stage One and valued at $0.008750.

The platform’s security is backed by a robust security framework and Ethereum’s smart contracts. All startups on the platform have to reward investors with an NFT (non-fungible token) in exchange for the funding. Investors can make decisions depending on how attractive they find the opportunity. Once they pay for the NFT using QUBE tokens, the proceeds are sent to the startup.

2. DigiToads: Learn About Crypto Trading

If you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency, DigiToads might be the best option for you. It’s a mix of a meme token, a play-to-earn platform, and a staking portal. You can learn about trading, staking, playing Web 3.0 games, entering trading competitions, entering giveaways, and more. Plus, you can earn rewards for active participation.

The platform’s native token is TOADS. You can use it for transactions and accessing the opportunities mentioned above. It also has a play-to-earn game where the top 25% of the scorers of a season can win TOADS tokens as a prize.

DigiToads also plans to host several knowledge sessions on cryptocurrencies. The only requirement is that the participants should hold at least three NFTs.

3. Sui: Store Assets On-Chain

Sui is a Layer 1 blockchain where users can store assets on the network without using smart contracts. It has its own native cryptocurrency, SUI, which is used for all transactions. The platform’s object-centric model makes it different from other blockchain networks. Here, the basic unit of data storage is an object, and not user accounts. These objects are programmable and represent user-level assets.

4. Arbitrum: Compatible with EVM

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 blockchain that makes Ethereum-compatible dApps more efficient. Its native token is ARB, which is used for any transactional obligation on the network. What sets Arbitrum apart is that it can support unmodified EVM contracts. So, developers can run EVM dApps on Arbitrum without making any changes to the code.

5. Tenet: Unlock the Power of Liquid Staking Derivatives

Tenet is a blockchain network where users can earn income by trading liquid staking derivatives (LSDs). It runs on a diversified proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and has its own native token TENET. Users can use the LSDs to mint stablecoins, provide liquidity to the platform, and trade on leverage.

6. LimeWire: Monetize Content with Blockchain

Limewire is a decentralized platform that helps content creators monetize their creations with the power of blockchain. It has its own native token, LMWR, which is used for various transactional purposes on the network. Content creators can create a membership structure, fix a price, and keep creating content to earn regular income. Fans get the chance to interact with their favorite content creators directly and be a part of a thriving social community.

7. Filecoin: Powering Cloud Storage with Blockchain

Filecoin is a decentralized cloud storage platform that enables developers to build custom cloud-based storage services. It has its own native token, FIL, which is the primary cryptocurrency on the network. Filecoin’s decentralized nature shields the user’s data location while making it hard to censor. It also allows users to become custodians of their data, making Web 3.0 tools more accessible.


These tokens offer a range of features, security frameworks, growth potential, and utility. But which one has analysts’ vote? According to market experts, InQubeta is the most backed by analysts. They’re impressed by its use case that can potentially transform the DeFi ecosystem. Many who have reviewed the QUBE token have given it a spot in their best cryptocurrency ico list for 2023. Analysts expect the QUBE token to potentially cross the 40x barrier in the next few months.

Before buying a token, it’s important to research and understand the risks associated with it. Cryptocurrency markets can be unpredictable and global economic factors can impact the projections.

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