Will Citadel Save Silvergate Bank and the Crypto Market? Here’s What We Know


  • Speculation There are speculations circulating the crypto market that there may be a potential way to make money. Citadel Securities Could be the saviour of Silvergate Bank. 
  • Involvement While it is yet to be confirmed, it is said that the company has previously been involved in increasing the value of Silvergate’s shares by 14%. 

Cryptocurrency Companies filing for bankruptcy is not an uncommon thing in the industry. Last year, the market saw numerous crypto-based companies go bankrupt.  At the moment, the market is closely monitoring Silvergate Bank. While some are predicting that the bank will suffer the same fate, others have speculated that the bank will be able to make a recovery.

Rumors The market is now indicating that this could be possible. Silvergate Banks could be on its way to a quicker turnaround. Citadel Securities Is mentioned as the one likely to bail out and step into Silvergate bank.

According To a tweet, Citadel Will inject funds into Silvergate Particularly to those areas that are lacking in Capital.

Although There hasn’t been any official confirmation. Neither Silvergate Bank nor Citadel Securities They have denied the rumors. However, With Citadel and its potential to provide a certain percentage of income for Silvergate’s shares, some believe it is enough reason for the firm to intervene.

“UPDATE: Internal rumors at Silvergate $SI that Citadel could step up and bail them out; cash infusion where capital shortfalls exist. Citadel Securities is the world’s largest market maker and owns 5.5% of Silvergate Bank $SI.”

The Tweet to read

Citadel Securities Send Silvergate’s shares skyrocketing by 14% after disclosing its position in the bank

Citadel Securities This entity is distinct from the hedge fund Citadel LLC was established, but both are majority-owned by LLC American financier Kenneth C.

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Founded In 2002, Citadel Securities LLC functions as a modern capital market maker, providing liquidity to the global markets. This is achieved through a combination of electronic trading and market making solutions.

Citadel Securities, a global marketplace firm, is known for providing liquidity and forming relationships with asset managers, major banks, hedge funds, broker-dealers, and government agencies. The company has built a reputation for successfully aiding clients worldwide.

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