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Elon Musk Dives Into Artificial Intelligence Over Crypto
  • Elon Musk Publicly Avowed his inclination towards AI instead of cryptocurrencies.
  • The Owner of Twitter had previously outlined the need for regulations regarding AI.
  • The Hazards associated with AI progress have also been discussed by Musk.

The Business magnate Elon MuskThe Chief Executive and owner of the social networking platform TwitterRecently, he made it known his preference for Artificial Intelligence (AI) over digital currencies.

On March 3, Musk Shared a Twitter Thread on his official account stating “I was into crypto, but now I’m more interested in AI”:

In recent times, Musk, after an in-depth analysis on AI, expressed his apprehensions and fears about its “great danger”It is noteworthy that “AI stresses me [him] out”. He said:

“It’s both positive or negative and has great promise, great potential. But, he emphasized that “with that comes tremendous peril.

According to Musk, the advancement of AI is a topic of global discussion. The executive declared:

“It’s the most important issue of our generation and the most profound issue of all time.”

Elon Musk recently shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency, stating that AI is a greater threat to humanity than cars or medicine. He suggested regulating AI, believing that it would be more effective than hindering its progress. Musk also remarked on the current state of AI, claiming that it is accessible to the masses despite lacking a user interface.

In response to his tweets, the Twitter community raised a number of questions and doubts regarding AI’s rapid growth. Blockchain architect Jagdeep Sidhu asked Musk how AI could be leveraged to make it more responsible, efficient, and fast.

Interestingly, many Twitter users inquired why Musk would not opt for both AI and crypto, instead of prioritizing AI. The post Elon Musk Prioritizes Artificial Intelligence Over Cryptocurrency was the first to appear on Coin Edition.

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