EU Agency Aids in Combating Cryptocurrency Fraud in Romania and Moldova | Eurojust


Eurojust has provided assistance to the Romanian and Moldovan authorities in tackling a cryptocurrency scam, which has caused significant financial damage to at least 32 people. It is estimated that the perpetrators have stolen around EUR 320,000 from their victims. On the day of the operation, 21 suspects were apprehended from both nations and charged with fraud and money laundering by organized crime groups. Eurojust has assisted the national forces by providing financial aid and establishing a joint investigation team (JIT) to look into the case.

Evidence suggests that the accused have been tricking people into investing in cryptocurrencies since at least 2020, with the use of social media to present fake forecasts and results. False profiles were designed to appear as though they were tied to non-existent companies, and Romanian Trust platforms were created to give the scheme a greater air of legitimacy.

Eurojust have recently taken action to tackle a cryptocurrency fraud operation that was affecting Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The criminals had promised to provide victims with up to 100% guaranteed returns on their investments, but once these investments were made, victims ended up losing all their money. The proceeds of the crime were laundered in Moldovan accounts and were then controlled by the perpetrators.

In order to facilitate judicial cooperation between the two countries, Eurojust provided assistance in the form of funding and setting up a Joint Investigation Team. They also organised two coordination meetings and facilitated the transmission and execution of European Investigation Orders to countries that were not part of the JIT.

An action day was also coordinated by Eurojust, with 21 locations searched. Evidence was seized and assets frozen in an effort to recover the damage caused by the criminal activity. The operation was carried out on the ground by the Prosecutor’s Office for Special Cases, the Criminal Investigations Services from Romania, the National Investigations Inspectorate within the Moldovan Police and other agencies.

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