Crypto News March 2023 – MCADE Token Sales Heating Up for Web3’s Gaming Community Hub


The potential of Web3 technology is not limited to just financial transactions. Many projects have been created that leverage the power of blockchain in unique and innovative ways. One such effort is the Metacade project, a gaming community hub that is gaining a lot of attention from the crypto news world.

The platform is set to become one of the biggest play-to-earn arcades on the planet. As a result, investors have been flooding Metacade with their capital and the token sales are selling out fast. The project has been the focus of conversation in private investor circles as they search for the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

What Is Metacade?

Metacade is capitalizing on the strengths of Web3 technology to create a gaming hub, allowing players to take advantage of decentralized finance and its various rewards systems. The platform has an extensive library of upcoming games that are set to make a big splash in the industry, as reported in crypto news.

Analysts have praised the project for its design decisions, particularly the rewards system that is extended to non-gaming activities such as writing reviews and engaging with other users. This encourages users to make their community better.

How Does Metacade Work?

The Metacade platform is powered by its own utility token, MCADE. This token is used for all value exchanges, such as buying merchandise and entering tournaments. This high level of utility is one of the reasons investors are flocking to the project, as it will create a great deal of buying pressure as more users join.

Crypto enthusiasts have been abuzz with the news of the Metacade Community Hub (MCADE) token presale selling out fast! The MCADE token is an asset that offers investors access to a range of opportunities. The team behind the project has taken the necessary steps to ensure that long-term investments are profitable. Staking options are available for those who hold the MCADE token, allowing them to generate passive income and consequently reduce the supply of MCADE on the open market.

The whitepaper for the Metacade Community Hub also outlines a unique initiative known as Metagrants. This program is designed to provide funding for development teams of all sizes and encourages MCADE holders to vote on which projects they think are worthy of investment. This is an essential part of user engagement and keeps the community at the heart of the platform’s entertainment.

Crypto news reporting has suggested that Metacade could be one of the most profitable investments of 2023. This would explain why the presale has been so successful, raising over $8.3 million over 14 weeks. With so many releases planned for 2023, it is expected that the value of MCADE could potentially rise by 50x or even break the $1 barrier before the end of the year.

Analysts have been quick to point out that Metacade could be a great investment and could outshine all other projects this year. Those who manage to get a hold of MCADE tokens are likely to be in for a wild ride. For those interested, the MCADE pre-sale is currently open and can be accessed here.

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