CryptoUnity Exchange Aims to Make Crypto Easier for Newcomers


  • CryptoUnity, a cryptocurrency exchange, looks to make the crypto environment easier to navigate for those new to the sector.

  • The exchange keeps its users’ funds with a highly regulated, independent custodian and not held directly by the platform. 

  • A wealth of educational resources is available and allows users to gain more knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

CryptoUnity Focusing on Newbies in the Crypto Ecosystem

CryptoUnity is a Slovenian start-up that is striving to make it simpler for those new to the crypto sector. The cryptocurrency exchange is designed to make cryptocurrencies more user-friendly.

The exchange also offers extensive educational materials to aid newcomers in their understanding. 

CryptoUnity was created with usability and security in mind. The platform employs a cold wallet to store funds and this is protected by NFC cards.

Moreover, CryptoUnity is partnered with Lenovo, one of the leading tech companies in the world. 

CryptoUnity puts a lot of emphasis on transparency. The exchange has successfully passed two QuilAudits audits and a CertiK KYC check. The CertiK KYC check earned CryptoUnity a gold badge, meaning all core team members have provided highly verifiable background information.

In addition, CryptoUnity offers a comprehensive research and educational resource section, allowing users to gain a better understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

CryptoUnity is introducing a new platform that aims to make it easier for beginners to get into the crypto ecosystem. The platform is powered by the CUT, a utility token with a total supply of over 1 million. This token provides holders with various advantages, such as lower fees, loyalty programs, and airdrops. Additionally, users can use CUT to get access to ICO presales and education materials.

The CryptoUnity platform also offers many resources and tools for trading, secure storage, and easy trading. The portfolio feature allows users to keep track of their investments and base prices, while the cold wallet is equipped with NFC cards. CryptoUnity Workshops provide educational content, and CryptoUnity Research offers a selection of reviewed potential ICOs. Lastly, Physical Exchanges are available for those who like to travel.

One of the main advantages of CryptoUnity is that it is a centralized exchange that does not hold users’ funds. The funds are stored with an independent, highly regulated custodian, so they are completely separated from CryptoUnity’s finances and cannot be manipulated or influenced by them.

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