Crypto Market’s Outlook For Upcoming Week: These Events Could Shape March’s Development


The cryptocurrency market has been making news for several financial crises and the SEC’s examination of the space, leading to unpredictable fluctuations. It is projected that the market will remain unstable in the lead up to important macro-events. Investors and analysts are watching the market intently as a few key macro occasions approach. From the Federal Reserve’s gathering to Bitcoin’s trouble alteration, each of these occasions could significantly sway the industry’s trends and direction next week. 

What Can Market Traders Expect Next Week?

The crypto market was struck by extraordinary instability this week, with a sharp drop on Friday. The crypto market is full of shocks and this week was no exception. Several events shook the market, including the SEC’s investigation into Binance and the financial emergency at the crypto bank Silvergate. With the FUD and its main resources, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum falling more than 5%, they now look to break beneath their basic help levels. This could prompt another modification in the market. 

Moreover, there are numerous macro occasions that will keep on putting pressure on the crypto market as investors keep on lacking the certainty to put resources into the dip. 

PMI Data

Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) information can be a valuable financial marker and give significant understanding into the wellbeing of various businesses, including the crypto industry. The S&P Global Asia Sector PMI and S&P Global Dubai PMI are planned for the 6th and 9th of March, individually. 

PMI data can be utilized to give a superior comprehension of the market’s exhibition and heading. Merchants ought to keep an eye on these occasions for potential chances. 

Federal Reserve Meeting

The Federal Reserve meeting is booked to occur on March 6th. This gathering will give more understanding into the Federal Reserve’s position on monetary arrangements, which can have a significant effect on the crypto market. Investors ought to watch this occasion intently as it could have a major effect on the market’s general feeling. 

Bitcoin’s Difficulty Adjustment

Bitcoin’s trouble alteration is planned to occur on March 5th. This occasion is critical as it can have a significant effect on the crypto market. The trouble alteration will make it simpler or harder for diggers to mine Bitcoin, which can have an effect on the market’s cost. Brokers ought to watch this occasion as it could give chances to benefits. 

The cryptocurrency market is full of amazements and investors ought to be set up for the unforeseen. The market’s viewpoint for one week from now will rely upon these key occasions and it is essential to know about them. 

A graph depicting the market’s condition, including the levels of institutional adoption, innovation, development and regulatory uncertainty, has been produced. This could mean that encouraging data will bring about a substantial increase in the bullish potential for the market in the upcoming week. 

Federal Reserve Meeting

The Federal Reserve Meeting on the 22nd of March could have a negative effect on the industry, as the US is a major investor. The minutes from the 1st February meeting of the Federal Reserve recently revealed that there will be further interest rate rises in the near future. This could bring about several issues for the cryptocurrency market in the mid-term.

If interest rates go up in March, the crypto market may slow down and Bitcoin may even sink beneath the $19K mark. 

Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustment

The Bitcoin network is improved through a process called “hashrate adjustment” every two weeks, which helps to keep the network secure and stable. This event may have an affect on the crypto market, as any modifications to the hashrate could alter the difficulty of mining, as well as the supply and demand.

The present decrease in mining difficulty, from 43.05T to 44.01T on the 10th, has caused concern. If Bitcoin continues to fall, it could result in bearish scenarios, which will ultimately diminish miners’ profitability and cause a lot of cryptocurrencies to plummet to their lowest levels. 


The coming week is important for the crypto markets, as a number of macro events are planned to take place. As such, investors ought to be aware of potential risks and benefits in the market and stay aware. With volatility expected to remain, having a well-diversified portfolio and a long-term investment plan is more important than ever.

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