ETHDenver Gathers Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Enthusiasts in Colorado


The second-largest blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in the world, ETHDenver, is currently taking place at the National Western Complex.

Among those in attendance are “Vinny Crypto” and Matt With On Chain Records.

“We produce physical records that have an NFC chip made by Conlan incorporated into them, so you can upload digital content to the disc as an artist, musician, or any other type of audio material,” Vinny explained.

The ETHDenver atmosphere is vibrant and colorful, with fantasy creatures such as unicorns being a common sight. It may appear frivolous to outsiders, but many important deals are taking place at the event.

The attendees are the people who will be shaping the future of technology. Vinny and Matt are there to network and study.

“I’m always looking forward to discovering new people and new ideas, plus meeting the creators of this technology,” Vinny stated.

The conference is more than just tech, it is also a social event, a great opportunity to connect with the crypto and blockchain community.

Vinny believes that face-to-face communication is key for developing relationships and partnerships within the tech industry. “You’re online for however long working with someone but, it takes an extra step that extra human contact to help really, you know, have your communication go to that next level,” Vinny said.

The event is also taking place in one of the most stunning locations in the U.S. Denver, known for its booming tech industry, has much to offer visitors. Matt mentioned, “Denver, you know, people come from all around the world and I think it’s a place to just all get together in IRL (in real life).”

Michael Abeyta, CBS’s general assignment reporter/MSJ for News Colorado, is providing coverage of the event. Readers can find his latest reports and bio on the website.

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