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On March 3, 2023, Uniswap Labs, the company behind the decentralized exchange Uniswap, announced that a limited early-release version of the application would be made available through Apple’s Testflight program. The team stated that the limited launch had become necessary as Apple had yet to grant approval for the app’s release.

Uniswap Labs Launches Limited Early-Release Via Apple’s Testflight Platform

Uniswap Labs has launched a mobile application for Uniswap via Apple’s Testflight platform. The open-source, self-custodial app is now available in a limited release. However, the company noted that Apple had yet to grant approval. “So why a limited early release from a team committed to access for anyone? Simply put, Apple won’t green-light our launch, [and] we don’t know why,” the firm tweeted.

The creator of one of the most popular decentralized exchanges in terms of volume, revealed that the application had been submitted to Apple’s mobile platform months ago. “Even though we are 100% compliant with their specifications, we’re still stuck in limbo,” Uniswap said. “So if we have to wait for Apple, we thought it’d be more fun if we waited together,” the decentralized finance (defi) firm added.

The team opened internal offices in order to make Testflight applicable to up to 10,000 users, subject to approval from Apple. Uniswap also said it would be sharing access codes “across multiple channels and time zones to reach as many parts of our community as possible” to get started. The limited early-release mobile application for Uniswap via Apple’s Testflight platform was announced on March 2nd.

Statistics recorded in the last 24 hours as of March 4 indicate that $2.81 billion was traded, with Uniswap Version 3 (V3) leading with $1.21 trillion in trade volume. Uniswap’s Arbitrum One came in second with $195.98 million, followed by the decentralized exchange (DEX). Uniswap V3 has 947 coins in 1,725 pairs, and has been visited 3,388,9222 times this month.

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Uniswap Labs has been hampered by Apple’s approval process, delaying the launch of their mobile app. However, the firm has still managed to offer a limited early-release to users. The DeFi project is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that facilitates the trading of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. It is powered by Ethereum and is an open source, self-custodial platform with no central points of control. The launch of the app is expected to give the crypto market a boost of innovation, especially in terms of decentralized finance (DeFi). Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee is assessing the protocol to ensure it meets standards for security and compliance. The limited trial release is available to users through Testflight. Despite the delay, Uniswap has seen a surge in trade volume in recent weeks. The crypto community is looking forward to the full debut of the mobile app.

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