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The Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (EPF) was created to make it easier for developers to enter the world of core protocol development. As the creator of EPF, core developer Piper Merriam humorously says, the door is always open and EPF can help you get through it.

After receiving numerous requests for better onboarding materials from previous cohorts, the coordinators of EPF are excited to announce the launch of the EPF Study Group (EPFsg). This 10-week education series serves as a precursor to the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship, which will be launching its fifth cohort soon. EPFsg is designed to guide the next generation of Ethereum core developers and provide them with a deeper understanding of the internal mechanics of Ethereum.

Bridging the gap between understanding the importance and complexity of the Ethereum protocol is no easy feat. The Study Group aims to do just that by offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of the Ethereum stack and roadmap.

The Ethereum Protocol Studies Program Overview is a two-phase program that includes live webcasts. The first phase consists of a 90-minute class each week focused on the general structure of Ethereum. In the second phase, students can choose to participate in either the development or research track, or both. Each track will have its own weekly 90-minute class that delves deeply into the selected topic.

During the program, students will also have the opportunity to join a study group to further their understanding of topics related to Ethereum’s core protocol. These topics include protocol design, execution, consensus layer architecture, testing tools and methods, and current research and roadmap items such as Verkle trees, sharding, MEV, proof of stake improvements, and state history expiry.

The online sessions will be led by core developers and current researchers from various client teams and research groups. Students will be provided with pre-meeting material to familiarize themselves with the topic and terminology, as well as post-meeting activities to reinforce their understanding.

In addition to gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the Ethereum protocol, students will also collaborate on developing a knowledge base that will benefit current and future core developers. This experience will provide valuable knowledge in community-driven development and documentation, as well as practical experience contributing to open-source resources.

The study group is open to anyone interested in learning more about the inner workings and structure of the Ethereum protocol. However, it will be most beneficial to those with experience in blockchains or computer science, as well as technical and developer backgrounds.

Register now for the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship and join the study group to gain a deeper understanding of Ethereum’s core protocol.

– Josh Davis & Mario Havel | EPF Coordination

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