AI Avatars to be Deployed in AR by Spheroid


Dubai, UAE, April 6th, 2023, Chainwire

Spheroid Universe, the future-oriented Metaverse that enhances the real world in all parts of the Earth, announced the imminent launch of artificial intelligence Avatars in the Augmented Reality space. This ground-breaking development will bring about opportunities across many business areas – from retail and e-commerce to advertising, sales, customer service and consumer interactions and more.

As a trailblazer in the Web 3.0 technology and the Metaverse, Spheroid creates tools to help companies explore the potential of AR. The company strives to help businesses become leaders as early adopters of cutting-edge technological advances – such as the new AI Avatars which will soon be available.

“The reach and nearly limitless potential of the AI Avatars that live in the AR world will encourage quicker adoption of the latest AI and Web 3.0 technologies in businesses,” stated Andrey Almiashev, CEO of Spheroid Universe. “There is a huge opportunity for our new AI Avatars to be used in customer-facing scenarios, such as in sales offices or retail environments. They will create a unique and lasting customer experience, helping brands to present themselves as forward-thinking and early adopters with an eye on how technology is reshaping our future. We have developed our AI Avatar product to the highest standards, even integrating the increasingly popular ChatGPT platform to improve communication and interactions with humans. This is a thrilling time for AI and AR, as we witness the boundaries between reality and technology further blur.”

By integrating the AI chatbot ChatGPT within its Avatars, Spheroid ensures that people have smooth interactions at all times. The Avatars also come equipped with voice recognition and voice synthesizer technologies, making communication effortless, routine and convenient.

Spheroid’s AI Avatars are smart and can adapt to any visual environment without the restrictions of the physical realm. They can be designed as unique characters that truly represent their brands, from both a visual and interactive perspective – including how they communicate with customers. This results in a product that is highly flexible and can be employed for almost any purpose, such as commercial entertainment or education.

According to Andrey Almiashev: “The combination of AI and AR technologies will alter the way that businesses interact with their customers in the next five years. We are living in an interesting time, where we will be able to observe the effect that AI and AR will have on human civilization – and we are more than happy to help businesses discover the vast potential that will come with it.”

Spheroid is also planning to integrate their AI Avatars into Apple’s Smart Glasses for an even more immersive experience, so look out for their release by Apple later this year.

About Spheroid

Spheroid Universe (Spheroid), a Extended Reality Metaverse company, recently announced they have been awarded an ABO investment commitment with their utility token Digital SPH. Spheroid is a platform to develop Extended Reality projects. The platform’s technology foundation is Spheroid XR Cloud and the Spheroid Script Programming language, designed for AR/XR creation.

The native token of the SPH is Spheroid. The platform’s activities are backed by an ecosystem, with Exchangeable Spaces (Virtual lands of the Spheroid Universe) used for advertising in AR/XR, placing content, and for various platform services. Among SPH powered products is Spheroid Earth – an open global project for creating Earth 3D Digital Twin.


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