AI Forecast: Dogecoin (DOGE) Could See Gains By End of 2023


The crypto community might take some encouragement from a recent artificial intelligence (AI) study that suggests Dogecoin  (DOGE) could see a surge in price before year-end. The meme coin has plummeted with the rest of the cryptocurrency market in the past month, but the AI forecast indicates a positive turnaround might be in the cards.

Finbold pulled data from CoinCodex’s machine self-learning platform on March 7, which indicated that DOGE could reach a price of $0.097 by December 31, 2023. This would be a 76.2% gain from the current market value.

Dogecoin price prediction. Source: CoinCodex

The forecast predicts that in a little over a month, on February 10, 2024, the coin could be trading as high as $0.89.

DOGE price analysis

At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $0.07, up 0.09% for the day and 8.4% since the start of the week. It has grown 94% since the beginning of the year, and is in the top 10 coins by market capitalization.

Dogecoin 1-day price chart. Source: Finbold

Dogecoin has support levels of $ 0.073829, $ 0.072847, and the strongest at $ 0.072204. Resistance levels are at $ 0.075454, $ 0.076098, and $ 0.077080. 92,000 addresses are holding 13.1 billion DOGE at the resistance area – bought at an average price of $0.086.

The technical analysis on one-day gauges at TradingView shows a bearish sentiment for DOGE, suggesting ‘sell’ at 15, with oscillators in the ‘neutral’ zone at 8 and moving averages (MA) pointing to ‘strong sell’ at 13.

Dogecoin one-day sentiment gauges. Source: TradingView

Positive news surrounding Dogecoin, such as the recent statement made by Web3 domain supplier Unstoppable Domains that it plans to accept DOGE as a payment option for domain sales, may help drive the price of the cryptocurrency closer to the resistance level.

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