AI-Powered Arkham and AltSignals Provide Crypto Price Predictions


Arkham (ARKM) and AltSignals (ASI) are two projects that could revolutionise blockchain intelligence and trading through their AI-powered algorithms. Arkham has an analytics platform and Intel Exchange, while AltSignals has a trading platform and ActualizeAI. Here is a look at the price outlook for the two tokens.

ARKM was launched after its Binance Launchpad sale and saw significant upside, before paring gains. The token is used as the native currency on the Intel Exchange and gives holders governance rights. The all-time high for ARKM is $0.89 and the current price is around $0.62. To reach $1 in 2023, Arkham would need to rally more than 61%.

AltSignals has a trading platform that provides users with signals on potential buy or sell trades 24/7. It has an AI-powered layer called ActualizeAI, which will offer a suite of AI tools for optimised performance. The native token ASI is currently in presale and is priced at $0.01875, rising to $0.02274 in the last stage of the sale. To reach $1 by year’s end or early 2024, ASI would need to increase by nearly 4300%.

The success of Arkham and AltSignals will depend on a number of market conditions and other factors. That said, these two projects have the potential to be big players in the blockchain and AI space.

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