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Community Education Chinese ecosystem development ETHPlanet Support For ETHPlanet’s ecosystem-building efforts in ChinaTheThis includes work with students, universities and events. Community Education DEFERENCE Decipher Blockchain Conference Focused on leadership, research and discussion DecipherBlockchain Society at Seoul National University. Community Education Virtual Devspace Hackathon Indian Computer Society Student Hackathon Hosted by The Indian Computer SocietyThis This site is intended for students, researchers, developers and other interested parties. Community Education ETHGlobal Virtual Hackathons In person, that focus on building the Ethereum Developer Community through hacker learning and hands-on support Community Education Websites These are for information. Deployment A collection of educational and informative websites that offer easy-to-understand information on the topic Ethereum Ecosystem Community Education Development The RussianEcosystems which are -speaking Sponsorship A variety of virtual Ethereum Meetings In Russian Language Community Education Web3 Teacher Training Program Blockchain Acceleration Foundation Development This Course and curriculum are designed to assist students and professors in becoming educators. Ethereum Development With the aim of giving them the skills and knowledge to manage educational programs at their universities. consensus layer Topological Analysis The Beacon Chain Network Shreyas Samaga Apply Topological Data analysis techniques can be used to analyze certain aspects of the beacon system. This Includes visualization of validator behavior as well as insight into the structure of the p2p network. consensus layer Beacon Chain Rescue Attack Montfort University Proof Conceptual ransomware attack Ethereum Validators These are indicators of the need to provide more secure infrastructure for large providers. consensus layer ChainGuardian node factory Application A graphical interface for managing multiple beacon nodes or validators, with statistics and monitoring. consensus layer Polar Star ChainSecure Continued Development The Lodestar Client The JS beacon chain. Goals Include research and development of thin clients, documentation, improvement, and preparation for the next step. Altair fork. consensus layer Prism The Prismamatic laboratory Continued Development The Prysm ClientThe company’s focus is on R&D and the refinement of beacon chains production. Altair, Merge And Sharding. consensus layer Shard Data Proof This It is Custody MPC Plato Ongoing Research Multi-stakeholder computation and the development of ethereum validators. consensus layer Website Resources Document and demonstrate the SSZ serialization standards. ReactSSZ implementation based upon SSZ. consensus layer tPlonk christian rechberger Research Development tPlonk – A SNARK compatible search-based heh function. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Dark forest Infrastructure And Tooling Blaine Bublitz And Jacob Rosenthal Ongoing ZeroAll areas of focus include infrastructure, knowledge tools, and community developer support. Dark forest. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs BLS Global Wallet james zaki ECDSA is replaced by the L2 wallet contract Signatures BLS Signs In Optimistic Accumulations. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs CREAM Cougar Development Protocol For secure, anonymous, and verifiable voter technology Additional R&D is necessary and zero-knowledge enterprise adoption possible. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs User Interface spencer graham Improvements CLR.fnd User interface. The Our goal is to make a CLR funding application that anyone can use. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Dark forest Ongoing work on Dark ForestThis It is a persistent, decentralized RTS game (real time strategy), that shows the effectiveness of ZkBuilding -Snarks “incomplete information” The Environment allows users to keep their privacy and publicly submit valid and verifiable actions. Dark Forest This Framework was created to demonstrate the potential for complex strategic and environment dynamics to be created in decentralized games. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Forum Moderation It is crucial Prediction Markets Smart To To reduce spam in online forums, you can use contracts and automated moderator robots may use prediction markets to mitigate it. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs MicroMix v2 exercise Extensions MicroMix is an integrated ETH/EC-20 mixer Traffic LightsAllowing You can use a different registry in order to avoid liquidity splitting and to allow you to launch new contracts of any denomination. Layer 2 deployments and an entirely open-source, non-minified user interface. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs MPC Phase 2 geoff lamperd Production This is a set of components that can help you install a reliable browser-based web system. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Optimism Security Assessment Kyle Charbonnett Security Assessment The Optimism Codebase generates a report which describes the design and structure. Optimism Flag Security flaws in code are marked. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Reputation Testing service: Design Specification jay graber Design Description Descriptions and details for a reputation testing service that exports cryptographic evidences user attributes from sites where users have accumulated a good reputation Github Or TwitterTheYou can verify se via apps or decentralized sites. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Reputation Test Service: Development Rafael Roulette Development An online reputation testing service that exports cryptographic evidences from user attributes from existing sites (such as Github Or TwitterFor Please use to verify your identity via apps and decentralized sites Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Cumulative Blocks Explorer Site Layout raquel akerley UX strategy, UI design, and UX strategy to create a cumulative block exploratory dashboard. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Cumulative Difference Compression Blagoj Dimovsk Research Paper Proof-of-concept and data storage Blockchain Stacks are not allowed in the event of an airdrop Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Unirep Social Design Smart contracts that require users to sign in unirepSocial Media platform that is private, decentralized and anonymous Risk If you publish, reputation is yoursYou You can increase or decrease your reputation score by liking any post. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs zk Data Market jackson liu Design For a confident customer Data mart Smart Contracts allow encryption data to become available for sale. Buyers You can then verify authenticity using the exposed data segments and ZKP provided by the seller. Cryptography And Zero Knowledge Proofs Zkopru Stress Stress For Testing, monitoring, configuration, clustering, and test scripts ZkopruPrivate Transactions can be scaled up to layer 2 with zk SNARK and optimistic digest Developer Tools Experience and expertise ETH Winter Educational Resources nick Ulvin Conversion The Price of ETH Winter Programm Resources, including Eth The The public now has access to introductory papers, mentor reading, and mission lists in one format. Developer Tools Experience and expertise GASOL: Gas Analyse And Optimization Toolkit Madrid complutense university Development Super Optimizer Ethereum Smart Contracts optimize block-by block blocks by finding sequences that are semantically identical but consume less gas. This This is done to lower transaction costs and increase transaction volumes. Developer Tools Experience and expertise Software Engine For game theoretical modeling University This It is St Gallen Y Status Box Software Engine For game-theoretical modeling games of composition, such as auction mechanisms and governance systems Theory of compositional games. Developer Tools Experience and expertise web3swift Universal Library This site offers web3 functionality in the Swift Language To create native dApps in the Mac/iOS ecosystem. Developer Tools Experience and expertise Zkopru ceremony site design raquel akerley UserDesign For the user, a user-friendly web site zkopru Accumulated Trust Installation Ceremony. execution layer EIP 1559 R&D Kiss Coordination EIP 1559 was created with great effort for both customers and developers. execution layer Kiss Maintenance The The development of Besu eth1 client. execution layer nether mind Maintenance The The development of Nethermind eth1 client. execution layer Nimbus Maintenance The The development of Nimbus eth1 client. execution layer OpenEthereum Maintenance The The development of Erigon (fka TurboGeth) eth1 client. execution layer erigon Maintenance Open Source DevelopmentEthereumAcquisition of the Parity client. indirect financing Reference Protocol financing for Reference Grants Contribute To the research, development and adoption Baseline Protocol Companies can synchronize transactions and reduce errors in B2B transactions. Indirect Financing CLR Match Gitcoin Funds equivalent to rounds 9-10 of the Gitcoin CLR grants: Funding public goods Ethereum ecosystem. indirect financing CLR.FND Development The production-ready version of can be found here. This BrightID, MACI and decentralized quadratic funding methods use BrightID. It Protocol-level funding can be authorized without authorization and pseudonymous. Ethereum. Layer 2 StablePay Layer 2 SDK SDK lets you accept payments and convert them into stablecoins with multiple L2s. Verifiable Functions That delay Biprimality Research Article Review Benjamin Wesolowski InA detailed review and analysis of a research paper entitled “Large Prime Numbers Get Me High: New Results in Biprimality Testing” By Dmitry Khovratovich And Mary MallerTo A biprimality test result that is innovative could be validated and used to create large-scale MPC RSAs

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