Q3 2020 Allocation Update: Ethereum Foundation Blog


Education In the community BlockchainsForSchools Sponsorship BlockchainsForHacks invites high school students to send in projects that make use of blockchain technology. Cryptography Zero Knowledge Proofs hubble Continued Financing resource for the development of an optimistic resource center. This Hub allows you to generate any summary string just by writing a robustness operator. Cryptography Zero Knowledge Proofs Zkopru (zk-optimist-rollup) Layer 2 Scaling Solution for confidential transactions using zk-SNARK. Optimistic summarization. GitHub: https://github.com/zkopru-network/zkopru Cryptography Zero Knowledge Proofs Dark forest Game A group of researchers completed the theoretical research Stanford Students on how to use zk–SNARK to build “incomplete information” The The environment allows users the ability to protect their privacy while publicly posting valid verifiable actions. Dark Forest It was designed to demonstrate how this framework can be used to create complex strategic or environmental dynamics in decentralized gambling. Cryptography Zero Knowledge Proofs Traffic Light RLN Method To Semaphore is a zero-knowledge device that anonymously verifies membership. RLNRate Limiting Nullifier) ​​reveals the private key of an account that signals above an acceptable rate, which another member can use to remove them from the group. Cryptography Zero Knowledge Proofs Summer ETH Program Students You can learn and develop EthereumContributionS to 4byte.directory. Cryptography Zero Knowledge Proofs Aztec Continuous work PLONKIncludes delivery Ultra-PLONK adds SEARCH Doors; development of a domain-specific programming language, compiler; and testing up to date. Cryptography Zero Knowledge Proofs Blind search v1 PeerPeer to peer network that allows private peer search< The Ethereum Foundation recently released its quarterly allocations report for Q3 2020, which details its funding for various projects spanning the Ethereum 1.x, Ethereum 2.0, and user experience spaces. This report includes grants for Formalize.eth, Developer Experience Tools, Ethereal 1.x, Ethereal 2.0, Indirect Financing, Layer 2, and User Experience. Formalize.eth received a grant for a subset of Vyper to YUL, written on Coq. Developer Experience Tools received funds for IPLD, signature, object encryption, and other joint projects with Protocol Labs. Ethereal 1.x saw grants for Web3 Labs, OpenEthereum, Imapp, and White Block. Ethereal 2.0 received funds for Botfly and Beaconexplorer. Indirect financing was allocated to MetaCartel DAO and Gitcoin CLR rounds 6-8. Layer 2 saw grants for Burnt Auction and State Channels, while Fuel Labs and Connect received funds for further development and framework to allow cross-chain communication, respectively. Lastly, User Experience was allocated to Minimal Authority and EIP-1559 R&D.

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