Alpha Sigma, Transform Ventures Merge to Create $100M Funds for Crypto


Investment firm Alpha Sigma Capital has partnered with Michael Terpin’s blockchain capital and research firm Transform Ventures to create Alpha Transform Holdings, Inc. (ATH). This new holding company will bring two new funds to the market, totaling $100 million in assets under management.

The funds consist of the Alpha Liquid digital asset fund and the Aegean Fund, a closed-end venture capital firm that will focus on early-stage equity investments in blockchain, AI, and other emerging technologies. Terpin also made a personal investment of $2.65 million in cash, bitcoin, and ether with an option to invest an additional $2.9 million.

ATH will have three components: an asset management arm with the Alpha Sigma Capital Web3 Fund, Alpha Liquid and Aegean Ventures; the Alpha Transform Products arm with Alpha Sigma Capital Research, Transform’s Blockchain Wire news service, and Content Syndicate distribution and market intelligence products; and the Alpha Transform Strategies arm providing end-to-end solutions for digital asset companies.

“ATH is meant to usher in a new era of financial and technological innovation through decentralization, blockchain technology and Web3 infrastructure,” said Alpha Transform Holdings CEO and CIO Enzo Villani. “Our goal is to support our portfolio companies with strategic advisory, acceleration, and capital to drive innovation and success.”

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