Alternative Mollars Token Presale Skyrockets as Crypto Traders Rush to Invest in Ethereum Blockchain’s Bitcoin Alternative ICO


Mollars Token Presale is taking off with a 150% growth in purchases this week. Just one week ago, the presale had only 5000 tokens sold and now it is closing in on 20,000 tokens sold and rated as a hot pick by ICOHolder.

So what is so special about the new ERC-20 token? It could be the buzz from Reddit, CryptoPotato and Crypto.News, or some other catalyst, but what is certain is that the token presale is set to ramp up even more in the coming days.

The $MOLLARS token is a store of value cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and will be used to ‘cut’ losses of global economies. It is pegged to no particular fiat currency, has a limited supply and cannot be altered. Once the supply is consumed, fractions of a $MOLLARS will be held by crypto traders, similar to Bitcoin’s Satoshi fractions.

Ethereum Blockchain users will buy $MOLLARS over Bitcoin to save on trading fees and remain on a better blockchain. Crypto Whales can also save thousands of dollars per trade by swapping $ETH for $MOLLARS instead of $BTC. This will be further proven when the token is launched on its first decentralized exchange in 2024.

The Mollars token presale is not a scam, and offers potential for returns that could reach hundreds or thousands of percent. However, do be aware of copycat scams utilizing the name “Mollars”. The reason crypto traders are so trusting in Mollars ($MOLLARS) is due to its clarity and true decentralization; it has no owner, and its supply will be left to the market.

The Mollars token presale offers investors the opportunity to buy the token for US$0.30 [cents], capping at $0.60 [cents] in the 6th and final presale round. It will be launched on public exchange in early 2024 at US$0.65 [cents], offering over a 200% return on presale investments.

The Mollars subreddit community is growing daily with more than 280 traders reading about the token’s latest activities. To learn more, visit the official website at

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