AltSignals’ $ASI Presale: Analyzing the Attractiveness of its 2023 Price Forecast


Cryptocurrency has seen a great deal of change in 2023, with major cryptos underperforming and alternative projects finding success. Investors looking for something different have the potential to see a strong return on investment during the next bull cycle. AltSignals $ASI was one of these, and the presale selling quickly suggested high investor interest. AltSignals raised $1.3 Million in presale.

The AI-driven trading platform ActualizeAI, created by AltSignals, has attracted a great deal of attention. AltSignals has been providing trading signals in the UK for over 50 years, covering financial instruments such as forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies. The company’s average accuracy rate is 64%.

The use of AI in trading has the potential to increase AltSignal’s coverage of trading instruments and the quality of signals. Machine learning, natural-language processing and prediction modelling are used for this purpose, as AI is free from emotion which allows traders to make better decisions. AltSignals believes that AI will supercharge earnings and give investors great value for their money. $ASI is the token for the AI-powered platform and will be used to exchange value, allowing investors to join the governance and receive rewards.

With over $52,000 fans on Telegram and 1,400 VIP members, $ASI has a strong start before it’s Uniswap listing in Q3 2023. The visibility of the platform may increase if the AltSignals team takes on a blockchain or AI angle, and as more investors take advantage of the trading signals, the value of $ASI could skyrocket.

Analysts predict that the value of $ASI could reach $0.20 by the end of the year, a 1000% increase from the current price of $0.001875. This increase has the potential to be seen in the medium-term, as the platform is used more and more. A three-digit increase in price is more likely in 2023.

AltSignal’s presale is the ideal opportunity to purchase $ASI while the price is still low, allowing investors to gain from an increase in value when the token is listed. The post-listing price of $ASI could be significantly higher than the presale price, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

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