“AltSignals Sees Buying Opportunity as Bittensor and Fetch.ai Remain Bullish Despite Dip”


AltSignals is a trading signals platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology and has recently listed its native utility and governance token, ASI, on Uniswap. This has resulted in a 32% surge in ASI’s value in the past week.

In the world of crypto, as Bitcoin continues to make headlines with its all-time high, the market is gearing up for a potential boom in altcoins. One of the hottest narratives in this space is AI, and two tokens that stand out are Bittensor (TAO) and Fetch.ai (FET).

AltSignals has been gaining traction since 2017 and has now integrated an AI layer called ActualizeAI, which is expected to improve the platform’s trading signals accuracy from an average of 64% to 80%. The ASI token powers this new platform and has seen a successful presale in late 2023.

Bittensor (TAO) has seen a massive surge in the past month, reaching an all-time high of $758 on March 7, 2024. The token is essential in Bittensor’s blockchain network, which incentivizes the development and distribution of AI technology. While currently trading at $617, TAO has a total supply of 21 million and a market cap of under $4 billion, indicating potential for further growth.

Fetch.ai (FET) has also seen a surge in interest due to recent developments in the AI space, such as OpenAI’s Sora launch and Nvidia’s earnings. The token’s recent decline of 8% is seen as a buying opportunity by some, as Fetch.ai’s platform allows users to build, deploy, and monetize their AI services.

Meanwhile, AltSignals’ growing impact as an AI-powered trading signals platform has attracted increased attention. ASI’s value has risen by 66% since its March 5, 2024 low of $0.003913, and it has seen a 32% increase in the past week alone. Despite these gains, ASI still trades at relatively low prices, making it an attractive entry point for investors.

In summary, the AI narrative in the crypto market is likely to be led by Bittensor and Fetch.ai, and AltSignals’ ASI token is worth considering as an investment opportunity. With a successful presale, a growing impact in the trading signals industry, and the integration of ActualizeAI, ASI’s value could continue to rise.

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