AltSignals Stage 2 Presale Nears End: Time Running Out to Invest


Phase 2 of AltSignals’ ($ASI) presale has been met with strong investor interest, with over 50% of the tokens sold. This is despite the token’s price rising slightly to $0.01875. The demand has been fueled by the trading signal service’s proprietary AI technology, AltAlgo™, which has produced over 3,782 signals with an accuracy rate averaging 64%.

To leverage this success, AltSignals will launch ActualizeAI, an AI trading service that will provide members with access to quality trading signals, exclusive presale opportunities and AI-powered products. Members will also get to accumulate $ASI for winning competitions against other traders, as well as have decision-making power in the platform’s affairs.

Given the token’s potential, analysts predict that $ASI could reach $0.1 in 2024 as more investors join ActualizeAI. With less than 50% of the second phase of the presale remaining, and the token set to list on Uniswap in the third quarter, now could be the perfect time to buy $ASI.

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