“Amazon’s New Ad Strategy May Impact Customers Using Cryptocurrency for Payments”


Amazon to Begin Collecting Advertising Revenue from Streaming Services

According to reports from Yahoo Finance, Amazon is set to launch advertisements on its popular streaming service, Prime Video, starting on Monday in the US. This move is expected to have a major impact on the media industry and Wall Street is taking notice.

With this new change, Amazon’s customers will have to pay more for the service. Those who currently use Prime Video will automatically be switched to the ad-supported $14.99/month tier, while non-members can access the same service for $8.99/month. Those who prefer an ad-free experience can still opt for the premium plan, but at an increased cost of $3 per month.

A Potential Boost for Crypto Traffic

As the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon has a massive customer base of 96 million Prime households in the US alone. By 2025, this number is expected to grow to 176.2 million, according to projections from eMarketer. Although Amazon does not currently accept direct payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, many customers use third-party routes to pay for their subscriptions. With the potential increase in fees, these third-party websites may see a boost in crypto transactions.

Will Amazon Ever Accept Cryptocurrencies Directly?

While Amazon has shown interest in blockchain technology, it has not yet fully embraced cryptocurrencies. This could be due to concerns over regulations or a focus on existing payment methods. For now, customers can still use Bitcoin to purchase prepaid Amazon gift cards and use them for purchases on the site.

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