“American Crypto Advocates Rally to Support Roman Storm’s Legal Battle”


Leading U.S. cryptocurrency advocacy groups have come together to support Roman Storm, co-founder of Tornado Cash, in his legal battle against felony charges. The Blockchain Association, Coin Center, and DeFi Education Fund have filed amicus briefs, urging the judge to dismiss the charges.

In their court filings on April 5th, the groups argued that Tornado Cash had no control over the transmission and storage of funds on its platform and that the charges against Storm violated the First Amendment. They also raised concerns about the potential negative impact on the digital asset market and fintech sector if the government’s allegations were proven true.

Storm, who maintains his innocence, is currently out on a $2 million bail while awaiting trial in September. The case revolves around Tornado Cash and its alleged connection to a blacklist of crypto wallet addresses by the American treasury.

Tornado Cash developer Nikolai Dreduk was arrested by Dutch authorities in August 2022 and spent nine months in jail before being released. However, Dutch authorities suspect the mixer owner, known as Chaepil, of involvement with hacker groups linked to North Korea and using the mixer for money laundering.

In related news, the defense team for Tornado Cash Creator has challenged the charges against him. The case continues to unfold, with many watching closely to see the outcome.

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