Gaining Insight on Devcon4 Ticketing and Allocations


Hey friends!

It’s been quite an exciting week! We sold out our initial wave of tickets in under 18 minutes after launch. Don’t worry though, there’ll be more available soon and you can still apply for discounts or scholarships. We value transparency, so we wanted to share our thoughts and the specifics of our ticketing and allocation system for Devcon4. This should help to address any questions or feedback from the community.

Ticket Distribution and Revenue Allocation

First of all, we’re making more than two-thirds of Devcon4 tickets discounted or free for builders and students. Additionally, a series of sales will provide the remaining tickets at a third of the regular price. This price point is the same as our previous two Devcon events, and covers the cost of the conference and the Ethereum Foundation’s operations. The financial resources we generate will be re-invested back into the community through core development funding and ecosystem grants. We’re also able to offer scholarships and reduced prices due to community leader sponsorships.


Waves are the simplest way to purchase general admission tickets. We’ll be spacing out the timings of these waves so that we can apply any lessons we learn for future ones. For example, we discovered a bug that delayed the sending of e-ticket receipts for people who paid with crypto in the first wave.

Builders of Support

We want to make it as easy as possible for the people creating decentralized applications to attend Devcon4. While the content and programming will be technical, we invite builders who aren’t employed by larger organizations to apply. They can receive discounts, as well as researchers, community organizers, artists, and more. Without all of you, what would Ethereum be?

Diversity and Inclusion

The Ethereum Community can have a positive influence on society if its creators reflect the full spectrum of human experience. To ensure that, we’re offering scholarships to make Devcon4 more accessible, diverse, and equitable than ever before. Those who need financial help to make it can apply for a scholarship if they’re from a developing country, identify with an underrepresented population, or are affiliated with an academic or research institution.

  • You are from a country in the developing world
  • Identify with an underrepresented population (races, genders, sexualities, etc. Within the Ethereum ecosystem
  • These are provided by an academic or research institution

We’re currently hard at work on responding to the more than 1,000 discount and scholarship applications we’ve received. More are coming in all the time.

Coming Soon!

You’ll hear from us shortly about upcoming waves, speakers, and session applications.

We hope this helps to provide clarity on the ticketing process for Devcon4. In order to improve this system, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

–The dc⟠ıv Team

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