Analyst Predicts XRP Price Surge to $130


XRP Captain – a crypto analyst and influencer – recently shared his bullish opinion on Ripple’s XRP, explaining why he believes the altcoin could be worth as much as $130 by the end of 2024. A U.S. judge ruling in favour of Ripple in its lawsuit against the Securities & Exchange Commission was a huge win, though it has yet to be material in terms of price appreciation.

Pointing to a symmetrical triangle pattern on its chart, XRP Captain tweeted: “Can you imagine the magnitude when this breakout happens? I won’t be surprised if XRP hits $100 to $130 in next bull run.”

XRP is currently trading right below its 20-day MA at about $0.51. If it reclaims this moving average, it may deliver a near-term bullish signal and see capital flowing into the cryptocurrency, as happened in 2017 when it printed an all-time high. SBI Remit also recently announced plans of expanding in South East Asia in collaboration with Ripple.

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