Ethereum Foundation Grants Five Million Dollars to Parity Technologies


The Ethereum Foundation has proudly declared a grant of five million US dollars to Parity Technologies. This grant is part of the foundation’s Scalability, Usability?, and Security Initiative.

Parity Technologies has been a major contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem for a long time. Their work includes the development of the Parity Ethereum Client and many other projects. Their progress has been remarkable and at Devcon4 in Prague, members of the Parity team shared their plans to create a Serenity implementation.

Thanks to their open-source, self-funded efforts, Parity Technologies has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Ethereum Project. The Ethereum Foundation is proud to use its resources to support technical excellence and value alignment, and what better way to do this than with milestone-based grants that are in proportion to the potential impact of the work.

This funding will be used for Parity’s work on Casper, sharding, thin clients, developer tools, quality assurance, auditing, and infrastructure improvements. It will be distributed in multiple tranches with the first being for development. Parity has already completed this stage. Other milestones include:

  • Completion of eWasm compatibility works

  • Release of a light wallet for the mainnet.

  • Successful completion of Phase 0 and Phase 1 Sharding

The Ethereum Foundation is grateful for the hard work and commitment of the Parity Technologies team and hopes that this grant serves as a token of appreciation for their efforts as well as an indication of a bright future. The Foundation encourages everyone to join in congratulating Parity Technologies for this grant.

Ethereum Foundation Team

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