Apple Gives Go-Ahead To Uniswap Wallet App


Uniswap Labs, the firm behind the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX), have been given the thumbs-up by Apple to release its wallet app. In a statement posted by the company on Tuesday, the Uniswap Wallet iOS program is now available to users in the United States and other countries.

Previous Clash With Apple

The DeFi protocol, currently valued at $3.5 billion, first unveiled the cryptocurrency wallet at the start of March. At that time, Uniswap declared that Apple was delaying its authorization and had to be released in a restricted form. Uniswap pointed out in a Twitter thread that Apple was holding back from approving them and “we don’t know why”.

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When speaking about the long-running obstacle with Apple, Uniswap was reported as saying:

We submitted our mobile app months ago and even though we are 100% compliant with their specifications, we’re still stuck in limbo.

Uniswap Finally Gets The Nod

Now that the official listing has been made available on the App Store, those doubts appear to have been put to bed. Uniswap states that the wallet allows users to swap cryptocurrencies not only on Ethereum’s mainnet but also on Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism’s individual networks. Furthermore, people can purchase cryptocurrency, view information concerning NFTs, store their “favorite” tokens & wallet addresses, and investigate various cryptocurrencies. Plus, customers have the choice of buying cryptocurrencies with fiat currency after paying a 2.55% transaction fee.

This surely opens the doors for other crypto platforms to launch their iOS wallet in Apple’s exclusive store. Currently, in addition to the Uniswap wallet, the store holds wallets from Coinbase, Trust and Metamask among others.

Shortly after the news was released, the DeFi community and the larger crypto market responded positively to the announcement, which is clear from UNI’s price spike. As things stand, the cost of Uniswap’s native token is exchanging hands at $6.20, which shows an increase of 5.30% over the last 24 hours versus an increase of 0.85% recorded over the last seven days.

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