Apple Pulls MetaMask App from App Store Before Reinstating It


MetaMask, an Ethereum Wallet, has been offline since October 14th. According to their own claims, they have over 30 million users and the wallet is connected to a wide range of decentralized applications (DApps).

Unfortunately, MetaMask is no longer available in the Apple App Store. In addition, their website was also unavailable to users who wished to download the app.

A MetaMask spokesperson stated that the disruption had nothing to do with any security incident or malicious activities. They reassured that this is not a security concern and that no action is required of the users.

It’s likely that the disappearance of the app is due to Apple’s service policies. The guidelines for the marketplace prohibit apps from running “unrelated background processes”, such as crypto mining.

MetaMask has confirmed that the removal of their app is only temporary and that they anticipate it will be back on the App Store shortly. Additionally, they warned that fake MetaMask apps on the Internet will not work.

This is the second time MetaMask has faced challenges in the marketplaces. Back in December 2019, they were banned from Google Play’s App store due to their alleged violation of financial services guidelines. Google rejected MetaMask’s appeal to reverse the ban, citing their policy that prohibits cryptocurrency mining on mobile phones.

Furthermore, Apple’s app developers are also required to share 30% of the transaction revenue. This could be a big barrier for crypto firms who want to allow iOS users to purchase nonfungible tokens (NFT).

Overall, this incident is a reminder that the world of blockchain technology is still facing numerous challenges. However, it’s also a testament to the resilience of blockchain firms like MetaMask, who have managed to persevere and continue innovating despite the obstacles.

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