Apple Restricts Employee Use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT as Westpac Bans Transactions to Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange


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What’s New Today: Oracle Holds a Layoff Strike in 2023, Laying Off Over 3,000 Employees.

Fast-Track Insights: Westpac prohibits transactions to Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Apple has imposed additional limits on the use of third-party AI technologies, such as ChatGPT. The Wall Street Journal, citing a document and sources, reported that Apple has advised its employees not to use Microsoft-owned GitHub’s Copilot, which automates the writing of software code. Apple is also concerned about the leak of confidential data by employees who use the AI programs. The creator of ChatGPT, OpenAI, announced the launch of an “incognito mode” for the platform last month. This mode does not save users’ conversation histories and does not use them to improve ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence.

In light of concerns regarding a recession, Oracle layoffs in 2023 are also imminent. Updates indicate that cloud giant Oracle has reportedly laid off over 3,000 employees at its recently acquired Cerner business. Employees at Cerner, an electronic healthcare records company, have been primarily affected by Oracle layoffs, according to an Insider report. The report mentioned that Oracle halted raises and promotions and resorted to these massive layoffs based on accounts from current and former employees.

Startups confront picture verification in the era of AI; Google’s lower-tech features, with industry backing, might have a huge influence on identifying fake AI pictures. Google is introducing two new AI picture search capabilities to Identify fake AI pictures and combat the spread of disinformation, particularly now that artificial intelligence techniques have made the fabrication of lifelike fakes cheap. The first new feature from Alphabet Inc. is called ‘About this image,’ and it provides more data such as when an image or similar ones were originally indexed by Google, where they first appeared, and where else they’ve appeared online.

Westpac has prohibited clients from moving assets to the world’s biggest digital money trade Binance, in a move pointed toward lessening misfortunes from tricks. The Australian large four banks said that it was obstructing various digital money trades as a component of a preliminary after its information showed venture tricks represented about a portion of all trick misfortunes, and 33% of all trick installments were moved straightforwardly to digital money trades. Although Binance was not mentioned by the bank, it is believed that the exchange was subject to the ban. According to Scott Collary, group executive for customer services and technology at Westpac, the move could help recover millions of dollars from scams.

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