Arthur Hayes Makes Bold Bitcoin, Ethereum Price Predictions, Sparks Community Debate


Arthur Hayes, the cocreator of the BitMex crypto exchange and CIO of the Maelstrom family office, has recently revealed his trip to Rapa Nui (better known as Easter Island). Moreover, he made an intriguing post, claiming that the “ancestors in Rapa Nui” had tipped him off that the bull market was about to start.

In his post, Hayes further suggested that Bitcoin could reach $1 million and Ethereum could surge to $100,000. Although it is unknown whether Hayes truly believes in these predictions or was just trolling his followers, he is known to frequently share his future expectations on the crypto market.

On Thursday (Nov. 9), Bitcoin briefly surged above the $37,000 level, almost hitting $38,000. This 5.69% growth in less than a day was attributed to Bloomberg analysts expecting the U.S. regulator, the SEC, to give the green light to 12 Bitcoin spot ETFs, including those of BlackRock and Grayscale.

Following Bitcoin’s growth, Ethereum also soared to the $2,133 level. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $36,943, and Ethereum is exchanging hands at $2,071.

Arthur Hayes’s post about the bull market and his predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum have attracted the attention of the crypto community. His trip to Rapa Nui has certainly made a great impression and raised many questions.

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