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The crypto market’s consolidation has not prevented Bitcoin AI crypto coin from seeing a green day after retracing back to the 200-week moving average. AGIX prices increased by 5% during the weekend.

Investors are searching for tokens with high utility that will outperform BTC in 2023, based on their uniqueness and real-world value. AI-powered projects like AiDoge and yPredict are attracting the attention of investors.

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The crypto market cap for the world has dropped to $1.12 trillion while the AI market cap is continuing to grow and now exceeds $5.28 billion. AI-based tokens are also experiencing a rise in trading volume, showing the explosive interest in AI crypto projects.

Numeraire is one of the top gainers in crypto this week, having risen 15% since May 26. Data scientists can create ML-based models with confidence and publish these as signals using an ML-based platform. This has pushed NMR’s price to break over $15 and reach a market capitalization of $100 million, with its trading volume growing hundreds of per cent.

SingularityNET’s price has also surged despite the sideways market. AGIX token currently trades at $0.31, after a rise of over 5% within the last 48-hours. Artificial intelligence is dominating the securities market due to NVIDIA’s strong earnings. After exceeding Wall Street’s expectations, the chip maker is set to join the $1 trillion club. NVIDIA shares and AI tokens on crypto markets have all seen a surge in value.

What’s the Next AGIX vs NMR AiDoge AI Sells Out Explosive Presale

This week’s AiDoge presale sold out, exceeding its $14.9m hard cap much earlier than expected. It started on April 26 and with its end, investors have one last chance to purchase the token at the listing price before it is tradeable on crypto exchanges. is a viral platform that generates memes using $AI. It recognizes the importance and power of memes in modern communication, as well as an important tool for reaching key demographics like young crypto traders. Unlike current meme-generation tools, the AiDoge uses AI algorithms specifically trained on memes and crypto news, so crypto enthusiasts can depend on it to create engaging and up-to date memes. To protect customers from a rug-pull and to ensure long-term success, 25% of the $AI total supply will be held by the company. The $AI token allows users to earn rewards by staking on the AiDoge Platform or voting, and has completed a CertiK Audit.

You can still buy $AI at its listing price of $0.0000336 using credit cards, ETH tokens, USDT tokens, and BNB tokens. The support and incorporation of BNB during its presale, along with the token’s high utility, could make it a potential candidate for a Binance listing. The meme coin mania is causing $AI’s price to rise and after its initial DEX listing, a tier 1 exchange listing will be announced.

Predictor Presale May Sell Out Soon

yPredict is an AI-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to predict crypto prices, with a trading and market insights all-in-one platform. It offers a range of tools for traders at all levels. All $YPRED holders will receive a free lifetime subscription to the yPredict Predictions Platform that provides precise predictions of thousands of crypto assets. yPredict Analytics uses a freemium payment model to provide accurate market insight using pattern recognition and transaction analysis.

The company’s Marketplace allows AI/ML experts to publish data models that have been vetted and of high quality. Investors can subscribe to these models and make real-time, informed decisions. For every subscription purchased in the marketplace, $YPRED holders earn 10% of all proceeds. is a platform that allows professional traders to trade at optimal times.

The demand for AI tokens is causing $YPRED’s presale to experience a significant surge. The token is expected to sell out quickly and the price of $YPRED, currently $0.09, will increase to $0.12 at the end presale. A higher listing price is an opportunity to invest in the AI token and diversify your portfolio. You can buy this AI token on the site by swapping ETH tokens or MATIC tokens for $YPRED or by using fiat payment methods.

DISCLAIMER: It is not intended to be construed as investment advice. Do your research before investing. Only invest money that you can afford to lose. We may earn commissions for clicking on links in this article.

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