as Bitcoin price falls? Traders Brace for Further Losses as Bitcoin Price Plunges


The cryptocurrency market has experienced a bearish sentiment since the start of the week, with most coins down by more than 5% over the past seven days. Despite this, Chancer’s presale is nearing the $1.5 million mark.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap, saw a 10% drop in its value and reached the $25,300 level late on Thursday. This had long traders lose nearly $1 billion, but the market is recovering with Bitcoin and others setting new support levels. At press time, Bitcoin’s price is at $26,543.

The bearish performance could offer investors a discount price to invest in more cryptocurrencies. This could be a great opportunity for Chancer, an exciting new project in the crypto space.

Chancer is working on a Web3 peer-to-peer custom betting platform which will make it possible for users to live-stream betting events. The platform is designed to decentralise the betting industry and be powered by blockchain technology. This implies that users can bet on a wide range of events from traditional sports and casino bets to other activities.

The Chancer presale is in its second stage and has raised nearly $1.5 million of the $2 million required. Funds raised from the multiple presale events will be used to build Chancer’s decentralised P2P betting platform.

The developers are creating a platform which will provide users with many features such as real-time betting markets, social media connections and expertise. In the second presale, CHANCER is selling for $0.011 USDT but will be increased to $0.012 in the third stage.

In conclusion, the recent bearish trend in the market could see more investors flock to projects in their early stages such as Chancer. With decentralising the betting ecosystem, Chancer could gain massive adoption within the Web3 space and beyond. Therefore, investors should consider investing in Chancer now.

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