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Cryptocurrency Market Reaction to SEC Crackdown: What Does the Future Hold for Bitcoin in 7 Days?

The cryptocurrency market has taken a wild ride in recent weeks as the SEC’s crackdown on Coinbase has caused a ripple effect throughout altcoins and meme coins. Despite the chaos, Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) have managed to remain relatively stable. In this article, we will explore the impact of this news on the market and the price of Bitcoin in 7 days. We will also take a look at two projects, Floki Inu ($FLOKI) and Caged Beasts ($BEASTS), that are pushing forward and redefining the finance industry.

SEC’s Crackdown: A Big Impact

The SEC has accused Coinbase of operating as an unregistered exchange, broker, and clearing agency, and its staking program violating securities laws. This has caused Coinbase shares to drop by more than 17%, while Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) have only experienced a 3% and 4% rally, respectively, according to Coin Metrics.

Altcoins & Meme Coins: A Turbulent Time

The SEC’s stance on what should be deemed a security has become clearer, but this has done little to alleviate the concerns of investors in altcoins and meme coins such as Solana ($SOL), Cardano ($ADA), Polygon ($MATIC), and Axie Infinity ($AXS), which have lost between 9% and 14% of their value between Tuesday and Friday, according to Coin Metrics.

Floki Inu and Caged Beasts: Navigating the Storm

In the midst of the chaos, projects like Floki Inu ($FLOKI) and Caged Beasts ($BEASTS) are striving to stay afloat. Caged Beasts is a groundbreaking project that seeks to transform the finance industry through decentralization and locked liquidity. The project has a diverse group of influential individuals leading the movement, with active community involvement and a comprehensive roadmap.

To support its goals, Caged Beasts has securely locked 75% of raised funds until the release date, while 25% of the total funds are allocated for marketing to enhance brand reach and promote growth. Additionally, Caged Beasts offers a unique passive referral mechanism that allows users to generate referral codes and receive 20% of deposits in ETH, BNB, or USDT. The investor who uses the referral code will also receive 20% more BEAST tokens.

The Future of Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Market

The SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase will have a major impact on the cryptocurrency market, and the future of Bitcoin in 7 days is uncertain. However, the resilience of Bitcoin and Ethereum during this turbulent time indicates that they may remain strong in the face of adversity. Meanwhile, projects like Caged Beasts ($BEASTS) are pushing the boundaries of innovation and community-driven development. It remains to be seen how the market will evolve, but one thing is for sure, it will be an interesting journey.

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