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On December 17, 2022, Ether hit an all-time high, reaching 0.79. However, since then, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have seen a significant drop in value, and Donald Trump’s collection is no exception. According to data from NFT marketplaces, Trump’s NFTs have experienced a 81% decrease in their lowest value since the 45,000 NFT collection was first put on the market.

Trump’s ‘Cute’ NFTs a Big Hit, Despite Dropping Value

When Trump’s NFTs first launched on December 15, 2022, the cheapest unit had a minimum value of 0.1 ether, approximately $125. But within two days, the price jumped to a record high of 0.79 ether, or about $940 per unit. Since then, the price has dropped to 0.15 ether ($180), 8.54% lower than the lowest value recorded 24 hours ago.

The 45th President The United States, Donald TrumpHe was delighted with the artwork in his NFT Collection. Trump’s However, digital art continues to lose value due to NFT market sales.

Using Opensea statistics, there have been 7,720 ether and $9.2million in sales volume of Trump’s digital cards. Additionally, using data from the Telegram Group “Onchain Intrigue”, it is known that the “Trump NFT admin” wallet moved 128 wrappedether (WETH), worth more than $153K, to six different locations Polygon Banknotes at 28th December 2022. The cards were expected to sell out within six months, but they sold much faster.

In an interview last week, Trump revealed that his decision to launch NFTs had nothing to do with making money, and was more about art and a slim waist. “Well, I didn’t know anything about [the NFTs] And then a group came, and I loved the art,” Trump said. NAO. “You know, it’s kind of comic book art when you think about it, but they showed me the art and I was like, geez, I always wanted to have a 30-inch waist.” The former US president added:

I heard someone [once say] It This was the year’s best investment. It was not an investment to me. They seemed cute to me. These Visions can be very beautiful. [and] interesting.

“Wow, that’s pretty cute,” Trump said before the sale. “That Could sell, could sell. They It was expected that it would sell in six months. However, it was sold in just six hours,” the ex-US president commented.

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