Ash Environmental DAO Launches Token Sale to Promote Social Good


Potomac Falls, United States, April 11th, 2023, Chainwire

Ash Environmental DAO has launched its token sale, with the event taking place from April 17 to May 7. Participants can acquire the token to join a global ecosystem that invests in impactful solutions to real-world problems.

The Ash Environmental DAO is an innovative platform that seeks to tackle issues such as lack of financing for eco-friendly innovations, environmental destruction, job losses, declining economic growth, and poverty. The Ash token is a digital currency within the Ash Environmental DAO ecosystem, registered in United States It is designed to address these issues by engaging and collaborating with global communities.

The development of Ash was driven by the need to find alternate funding options for innovative projects with high impact. Ash This is a governance token that can be used to build an exchange that acts as a BEP20 on BNB Smart Chain. The idea came about because of the difficulty of commercializing green technologies for ash recycling and emissions capture. Despite enthusiasm for environmental enhancement and economic progress, the team encountered many obstacles when attempting to raise capital.

The Ash team is passionate about inspiring a collective desire to make a lasting difference in response to the environmental issues of this era. They Invite the international community to be part of their journey and show support by actively participating.

Visit Register at Ash As they strive to improve the global environment and create jobs, join us. [email protected]

About Ash Token

Ash Token The global population has access to this solution, which has been confirmed to be able to promote environmental responsibility and business and project financing, as well as job creation. It is a project with a true purpose and utility that can easily translate the advantages of blockchain to the common person. The Ash Token It also serves as an international platform for the global community to come together and tackle the urgent economic and environmental challenges of our times.


CEO, Ato Andoh, Ash Environmental DAO/Ash Token, [email protected]

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